ISTE, being a techno-management society, puts all its efforts into uplifting the technical skills of the students and members associated with it. Technical development is of utmost significance for the upliftment of an Engineering student.

So, to facilitate them with a suitable opportunity to portray their intellect and exhibit their combination of skill and curiosity, ISTE BITS organizes an annual Techno-Management Fest, TRIVENI.

TRIVENI comprises the following stupendous events:-

Segments Of Triveni

Most Intelligent Branch

TRIVENI heads up with this highly competitive event which induces the question of being the “Best Branch” in the minds of the budding engineers and certainly encourages them to work diligently with the wish to win the title of “MOST INTELLIGENT BRANCH”.


Be it business companies or IT sector giants, their logos’ popularity accurately describes their fandom.

So, to check out the marketability of some companies, TRIVENI provides a chance to explore the knowledge of logos. Logolicious triggers the brain and testifies the knowledge of the commercial world. This event comprises a poster that contains a large number of overlapping logos of famous organizations. The participants have to identify as many logos as possible. The person who identifies the most logos in the least amount of time proves to be the winner.


Life is an adventure, not an inclusive retreat and so is the segment of “ROADIES”.

This segment tests the overall personality of the candidate. It offers an opportunity to explore yourself. Thrill and excitement are the factors that fascinate the participants. It is an event of sheer character and determination.


“You don’t take a photograph you make it”- Ansel Adams

“You don’t take a photograph you make it”- Ansel Adams To get you inspired with the above quote, this segment of Triveni named Technoshot, is organized for the Shutterbugs, who believe in capturing the technological world. Here you get the chance to showcase your photography skills during the Mega Tech Fest Triveni.
Technoshot is divided into two parts: -
1) Picturesque: - In this segment, the participants will have to click the pictures of events in Triveni.
2) Shootla: - In this segment, the participants will have to make clips of the ongoing events.

Herein you have a massive platform to exhibit as well as upgrade your skills, you don’t have any barrier of using a particular device, you just have to be as accurate as the event goes.


A display of models where the eyes have no other option than to feast upon the spellbinding models. Herein, the innovative ideas of young technocrats are put forward to convert these ideas into a working model. It is a platform for all computer programmers, software enthusiasts and technocrats to showcase their skills.


Teamwork and intelligence can win anything.

This event focuses on this. "DISCOVER BIT" being the most liked segment of the Tech Fest of Bit Sindri engulfs the participants in an insatiable thrill and excitement. Participants are ambushed with an array of clues and riddles that they must untangle to win the competition.


“Make judgments on what your heart and brain say!”

An instinct or innate behaviour is the human ability to understand its surroundings and evolve towards a complex behaviour. TRIVENI provides such an event where you can dig deep into your instinct. TRUST YOUR INSTINCT, is an event where your knowledge is put forth to test along with your ability to judge and cope up with the vicinity.


The indomitable pace at which technology is striving through time makes us foresee a world of automation saturated with Robots, Computers and Artificial Intelligence.

Thus, this ubiquity of technology conveys the utter necessity of technical knowledge that involves a major segment, ROBOTICS. To incarnate this idea of Robots and BOTs, ISTE BITS comes with a super-jubilant event of "AXALERATE" that not only tests your creativity and speed but also provides an unmatched opportunity for cut-throat competition.


Holding onto this belief of relentless competition, TRIVENI comes up with a fierce robotic event that would test your speed and alertness while you battle in the labyrinth with your BOTs. Starting from designing your BOTs, followed by presenting them in the battle and ultimately fighting to win the chakravyuh. It provides a massive platform to showcase your robotic skills.


In this segment, students face a practical situation that challenges them as “Engineers”. The event offers a surprise package that gets revealed at the time of the event itself. Throughout the event, participants are required to closely follow the working and assembly of different devices and then assemble the device from dismantled parts.