Smart City Challenge

An event for analytical thinkers who dare to break the mold of pre-existing methods and want to design their city which has solutions for the existing problems. It is a national-level event conducted to bring a platform to creative minds to search for problems in their cities and put forth a solution for a Better Tomorrow.

Smart City Challenge is conducted in two rounds:
Round 1: Srijan
In this round, registered participants have to submit an abstract of their idea of a Smart city in not more than 300 words at The abstract should mainly cover the following aspects of a Smart City:-
1. Smart Mobility
2. Smart Health Care
3. Smart Sanitation
4. Smart Energy Resources
5. Smart Amenities

The top -15 abstracts are selected for the next round and teams are informed beforehand.
Round 2: Prastuti
This round is held online. The qualified teams of 1st round present their idea of a Smart City through PowerPoint presentation before the esteemed jury.
· Teams are allowed 10 minutes for presentation followed by 5 minutes of question - answer session on their ideas.
· The presentation should include proper research on the idea with background. It should be factual with proper graphs, tables and images.

This event tests the individual analytical skills and problem-solving ability of the participants as well as also makes them aware of what amenities are available in a Smart City. This event gives a peek into the cities of tomorrow. It is an initiative to bring awareness to the public towards the necessary and required development in the cities. This event helps in shaping Innovators and Out-of-the-box thinkers.

QI - Festa

What makes one curious about new opportunities in life depends upon the keenness of intelligence. ISTE BITS brings one such opportunity: "QI - Festa", its flagship quiz event.

A great platform for the keen minds to overcome the mind-blowing and challenging set of questions, showcase their zeal and rise above the rest. This event is held in a single round where the participants mark their entries through the solo registrations in the event. The event has a time limit of 25 minutes with 25 multiple-choice questions. Each correct answer carries 4 marks, while a wrong answer fetches a negative marking of 1 (-1 mark). The participant that scores the highest is the ultimate winner. In case of any tie, the participant that answered the question within less time shall be considered as the victor.


Designing is the body language of marketing. The more you use it, the more you have. So, what’s finer than designing some visually captivating and fascinating posters?!

ISTE brings to you an engrossing event organised in October – “AD-VENTURE” which is a poster/gif designing competition where each participant is provided with 20 Brand names and they get a chance to showcase their creativity and innovation in designing, advertising and marketing field by making posters for their chosen brands. The poster/gif designed must represent a definite image of the brand ingeniously. AD-VENTURE gives a massive opportunity to talented and competent designers to bring out their uniqueness and ingenuity. This event emphasizes the need to enhance the designing skills as well as developing marketing techniques in this tremendous era of business and entrepreneurship.


A flagship event of ISTE BITS, a platform where budding technocrats are provided with the opportunity of presenting their innovation.

It is a technical segment where students come up with creative ideas which possess the potential to revolutionize the world by making lives easier. The event takes place in a few rounds out of which the first is an abstract presentation where the participants present the abstract of their innovative model. The selected participants in the final round are expected to present the working model of their abstract. Over the years, we've witnessed outstanding and astounding models on various areas of life and hope to witness more awesome ideas.

The Solution Desk

"What happens is not as important as how we react to it."

An incredible ideathon to present the distinctive approach of solving a versatile set of problems through a graphical depiction. In a world, where infographics act as a pathway for visualization and help in finding solutions for complex situations, this engrossing event provides a platform to all the creative, analytical and inquisitive minds, who are keen to take actions for the existing challenges around us.